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Where is the Champon pearl farm located?

Champon Pearl Farm is located on the island of Taha’a, at the southern tip of Apu Bay. The production site and the shop are nestled on the edge of the magnificent lagoon shared by the islands of Raiatea and Taha’a, in a setting of nature and the sea. The site is accessible by sea and by land.

Below we explain how to get to the farm. If you want to treat yourself to a day of walking around Tahaa, many excursions stop at our place. We can also pick you up directly at your accommodation or at the shuttle dock if you are coming from Raiatea or Bora Bora.

Location of the Champon pearl farm on the map


What are the opening hours?

The family pearl farm offers a free educational tour every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. On site, we invite you to discover the secrets of Tahitian pearl culture: production and classification of pearls.

For more privacy and availability, we advise you to contact us to reserve a time slot adapted to your program.

The champon pearl farm shop

How to contact us?

Contact us to organize your visit to the pearl farm:

Telephone: +689 40 65 66 26 / +689 87 78 33 58


Geographical coordinates: Pointe Toamaro, Vaitoare, Tahaa, French Polynesia.

Postal address: BP 711 Raiatea, 98735 Uturoa, French Polynesia


How does a visit take place?

Monique Champon and her team welcome you with pleasure to our pearl farm to help you discover all the secrets of pearl farming – from collecting pearl oysters to making jewelry with our sumptuous Tahitian pearls.

First, your particular guide reveals in detail how Tahitian pearls are obtained with the grafting operation. These explanations are completed by the visit of the “fare graft” (transplant house) where you can observe the divers / grafter in activity. The daily work of the pearl farm varies according to the period, so you have the opportunity to observe the grafting, harvesting, cleaning of the oysters, the “detrocage” (conditioning of the young oysters) or other work. This detailed visit will allow you to better understand the work involved in the formation of a pearl and will be better able to recognize its value.

Next, we explain to you precisely how Tahitian pearls are classified once they are harvested. This will allow you to evaluate the price of a pearl, and to be able to compare them correctly using the right criteria: size, shape, and quality.

Finally, in our welcoming showroom, on the edge of the lagoon, we show you very high quality jewellery, made on site, with the most beautiful pearls from our harvest. The Champon pearl farm allows you to buy directly from the producer bare pearls, exclusively from our harvests, but also jewelery with pearls selected for their exceptional color and quality. All our products are sold duty free.

It’s a free visit that lasts about 1 hour, and sometimes more for the more curious! It is a pleasure to share our know-how, and we do our best to satisfy your curiosity.

Worker on Champon pearl farm


How to visit us from Tahaa?

There are a multitude of providers that offer a tour of Tahaa that includes a stop at our pearl farm. For your convenience, we have listed the names of the providers below.

Excursion by the lagoon, by boat :

Destination lagoon : Group or private tour with Kevin – – +689 87 29 89 06

Arii Moana Tours   : Group or private tour with Julien – – +689 87 79 69 72

Raiatea Blue Lagoon  : Group or private tour with Jimmy – – +689 87 27 30 92

O’hanalei: Private tour on a luxury big game fishing boat with Teiva –, +689 87 72 10 04

WaterColor Sailing: Private tour on a sailing catamaran with Rainui – – +689 87 79 84 43


Excursion by land, by car :

Hamana Cultural Tour  : Group tour by 4×4 car with Tama – +689 87 78 25 39

Eco-Bike Tahaa  : Guided electric bike tour with Raihau –, +689 87 34 38 34

Anuanua Tour: Private van tour – – +689 87


You also have the option of renting your own transport on the island. Here are some providers available:

Tahaa Location – Temana tours for cars, scooters or electric bikes with Vai and Tyron – +689 87 79 55 07

Eco-Bike Tahaa   for electric bikes with Raihau –, +689 87 34 38 34


Shuttle / Pick up : We also offer a shuttle service to our farm from various pick up points around the island of Tahaa. Contact us and we can organize this for you.

Vahine with Tahitian pearl on pendant


How To Visit Us From Raiatea?

From Uturoa, the city center of Raiatea, a multitude of public shuttles (taxis-boats) regularly travel between Raiatea and Tahaa: Tahaa Transport Rapide   , Dave tour, Homai…

The closest shuttle drop-off location to our farm is Vaitoare Pier. We are happy to pick you up from this location free of charge if you choose to visit our pearl farm.


Other service providers offer direct and private transfers to our pearl farm. I suggest you contact Tahaa Location – Temana tours with Vai and Tyron at +689 87 79 55 07.


Finally, many day or half-day excursions departing from Raiatea offer a tour of Tahaa with a stop at our farm:

Destination lagoon : Group or private tour with Kevin – – +689 87 29 89 06

Arii Moana Tours   : Group or private tour with Julien – – +689 87 79 69 72

Raiatea Blue Lagoon   : Group or private tour with Jimmy – – +689 87 27 30 92

O’hanalei: Private tour on a luxury big game fishing boat with Teiva –, +689 87 72 10 04

WaterColor Sailing: Private tour on a sailing catamaran with Rainui – – +689 87 79 84 43

Visit the pearl farm from Raiatea
copyright destination lagoon

I’m on a charter boat, what should I do?

Our farm is located at the tip of Apu Bay in which we have several anchorages available for our customers. It is a deep bay which offers a pleasant shelter against the prevailing winds.

In the bay, the restaurant Le Ficus offers, upon reservation, a wonderful Tahitian dance show and a traditional dinner not to be missed. For this show, you can contact Maria on +689 87 34 98 38. Combining the dance performance with a visit to our pearl farm is a wonderful way to spend your afternoon and evening in Tahaa.

Apu Bay also has a bakery where you can get hot bread every morning: 2 batches around 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

Here are some companies offering catamaran charters in our fabulous islands:

Te Mana Travels   : Jennifer – – +689 87 74 89 96

Tahiti Yacht Charter   : Charter base based in Raiatea – +689 40 66 28 80

Here Charter : Cyril herecharter@gmail – +689 87 23 18 52

Herevai Charter   : Hereiti and Manutea – – +689 89 52 42 32

How to come from Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is located just 25 nautical miles from Tahaa. Many guests escape Bora Bora for a day to experience the beauty and tranquility Tahaa is famous for. Several means, at different budgets, can be used for this trip:

by inter-island plane to Raiatea with Air Tahiti   , or Air Moana   . See above how to get to our pearl farm from Raiatea.

by seaplane with Tahiti Air Charter

by helicopter with Tahiti Nui Helicopters

by boat :

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you organize a private transfer between the islands. We offer personalized VIP tours on request


What are the essential activities of Tahaa?

Taha’a is a preserved island in French Polynesia that offers many activities to discover. You can visit it both by boat to admire its magnificent lagoon and its motu and by car to enjoy its lush vegetation.

Here is some additional information on the must-sees not to be missed during your visit:

  • Visiting a vanilla plantation is a must experience in Taha’a, as this island is known for its production of quality vanilla. You will be able to discover the techniques of cultivation and harvesting of this spice, as well as the various derivative products such as vanilla pods, vanilla powder, vanilla oils or sugar.
  • Visiting a rum distillery is also an interesting activity to discover the local production of rum. Two rum distilleries are currently in operation on the island and offer guided tours to discover the different stages of rum making, as well as to taste the different vintages on offer. It is a fairly recent activity on the island and the two distilleries make rums which are already beginning to have an international reputation.
  • Visiting the Champon pearl farm is an activity that allows you to discover the fascinating world of Tahitian pearls. You can observe the different stages of pearl oyster cultivation and pearl production, as well as discover the different types of pearls offered for sale. In operation for more than 20 years, our pearl farm will be pleased to share its experience.
  • Snorkeling in the coral garden is a unique experience not to be missed during your stay. Indeed, in an idyllic setting, in a ho’a (a sort of river of water off the coast between 2 motu), you will let yourself drift above multicolored corals, school of fish, clown fish in their anemones, and splendid giant clams. Many lagoon service providers offer this essential activity.

Are you tempted by treasure hunting?

Follow us, underwater!

We offer you the unique opportunity to live the experience to the end: dive yourself on the lines, choose an oyster, and bring up a pearl, perhaps exceptional…

By appointment, we will be happy to take you diving on our lines near the reef. In an idyllic setting, you can admire the fish cleaning our oysters and better understand the work of the farm. You can choose an oyster and once back at the pontoon, be surprised to discover your pearl (with the guarantee of having a marketable pearl).

It is a very easy activity to access, which is also suitable for the youngest adventurers!

Treasure hunt diving to bring back your Tahitian pearl


Super-yachts in Polynesia, we offer you tailor-made!

Organize an exceptional moment in a privileged setting of sea, nature and beauty.

Owner, agent or superyacht crew, you will find with our team an attentive listening to your expectations in order to create for your guests an exceptional moment.

The authenticity and friendliness of the Champon pearl farm, intimately linked to the sea and the land of Taha’a, the striking beauty of the site as much as that of our pearls, the passion and dedication of our team, all together make this unique experience in Polynesia.

We adapt to your requests to guarantee you a visit in privileged conditions.

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